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Operating Normally

This system (T2BOX) is a shared file system to suppressing file attachments to emails. It is a simple system that does not have an authentication mechanism, and access to box pages can be restricted by password and IP address. In consideration of the confidentiality of the data to be handled, please take additional measures such as limiting the sharing range of the box page URLs and encrypting the files in advance, if necessary.

Please be careful in handling the URL for the box administrator and do not share it with others. There is no access restriction on the box administrator URL (this is so that when a problem occurs, the administrator can access the URL from anywhere to check the log and delete the entire box), and the administrator is given powerful a uthority to view the whole data and to delete the box. Careless sharing increases the risk of information leakage, etc., so be sure to handle the URL with care.

If high-level maintenance is required, it may stop for a short time without notice.
The T2BOX consists of two independent servers. The other one is here Please use them as appropriate.
Note that the file boxes are not shared on T2BOX / T2BOX2.

Contact: t2box-support@gsic.titech.ac.jp
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